Career Development Center

About the CDC:
The Career Development Center (CDC) is a Soran University initiative that aims to bring together students, alumni, faculties, the private and public sectors in partnership to develop the region’s employability as well as empowering economic infrastructure through our academic excellence. The CDC is fully committed to facilitating the potential of students’ skills and equipping them for lifelong professional and/or academic success.


CDC Mission:

The Soran University Career Development Center (CDC) is fully committed to helping students develop a professional relationship between their academic experience and career goals. Soran University CDC provides career-related resources, programs and a wide-range of career information to enhance the soft and technical skills of our students; this is to enable them to build better employability skills to fulfill the needs of the private sector in the Kurdistan region. It resolves to achieve life-long career aims and meet the needs of potential employers as well as empowering the region’s economic infrastructure, therefore increasing the productivity of the workforce through an academic basis. The Soran University CDC supports students and alumni to take advantage of the long-term partnerships between universities and the private sector.


CDC Vision:
The Soran University Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to bridging the alumni and student’s successful academic pursuit with their future career employment, with ‘hands-on’ experience after graduation, based on a high standard of professional skills and academic qualifications for identifying career choices that reflect their unique interests and professional abilities.


Core Services:

Soft kills:
• Decision making.
• Teamwork.
• Problem solving.
• Public-speaking skills.
• Communicative skills.
• Business etiquettes.

Career –related resources:
• Resume (CV) writing.
• Interview skills.
• Cover letter.
• Job search strategies.
• Career fairs.

• Computer.
• English language.
• Educational video tutorials.


What is Internship?
Internship is an experiential learning opportunity that integrates the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical applications and skills development in a professional setting. Internships also provide professional development that the classroom cannot emulate.

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CDC Staff:

Roles & responsibilities CDC Staff Members
Phone number Email address
CDC Director Danar Abdullah Ibrahim +964750 4251787  daner.ibrahim
CDC Coordinator Nergz Jawhar Awla +964750 8133097
CDC Staff Nareen Abdulazeez Mohamad +964750 4378084


Contact Details:

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Kawa Street, next to the presidency of Soran University,
Soran, Erbil
Kurdistan Region -Iraq 


Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday from 08:30 am – 03:00 pm