Dr. Sirwan Zand

Dr. Sirwan Zand

Dr. Sirwan Zand

Vice President for Scientific Affairs

The office of Vice President for Scientific Affairs as well as the following directorates and centers work under the personal supervision of Dr. Sirwan Zand, the Vice-president for Scientific Affairs:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Postgraduate Studies and Academic Relations
  • Information Technology
  • Public Library
  • Pedagogy Training Centre and Academic Development
  • Centre for Language and Academic Development (CLAD)
  • Career Development Centre (CDC)
  • Handreen Centre
  • Kurdistan Centre For Gender Studies
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Centre
  • Manuscript Centre
  • Centre for Sociology of Iraq

The Vice President works closely with the Soran University President to make any decision concerns the university. He also supports the President to promote and maintain a distinctive academic vision, elucidate the objectives and making strategic plans.

In addition, the VP supervises the programs, plans and policies of departments, directorates, centers and units and ensuring the safety and accuracy of the achievements.

He also works on official letters, documents, emails and files that are addressed to his offices and meet with those who has complaints and demands.